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About Eurasia Publications
POLONIUS: What do you read my lord?
HAMLET:     Words, words, words.

Eurasia Publications were founded in Athens Greece, in the year 2000, from a group of young people in order to produce quality titles in the areas of philosophy, history, economics, social sciences, epistemology, mathematics, law and international relations.

The creation of Eurasia Publications has been the result of a true dedication to this kind of books. During these years this effort has been supported by many distinguished academics and scholars, as well as from several organizations around the world.
In all titles produced by Eurasia Publications special emphasis is given on accurate translations, on scientific editing and proper proofreading, on respect for intellectual rights and finally on quality typography. The whole venture is based on an extended network of distribution that includes all major bookstores and wholesalers in the Greek market.

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Phaedon G.L. Kidoniatis

Dionysios A. Katrakis
Elpida K. Spiridaki
Ethel - Ekaterini Kidoniati

Maria Kollarou

Georgios L. Evangelopoulos

Giorgos Kyriakopoulos
Athanassios Samartzis
Oursoula Mentzalira
Kostas Tsaousis

Sotiris Papadimas

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Georgios L. Evangelopoulos
Giorgos N. Mertikas
Phaedon G.L. Kidoniatis
Konstantinos Kessanlis